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Minegaiden IV -- [PvP] [Survival] [Towny] [Faction


Minegaiden IV is the fourth evolution of the server Minegaiden which has been going strong since October 11, 2010. It's one of the oldest servers out there, and there's a reason for that. We have a unique whitelisting program which locks new-comers in a deadly zone filled with the most horrendous, cruel, violent, and diseased minds the internet has to offer. Everything is fair game here. Ruled by the Archlord, expect chaos around every turn. Apply for citizenship, and be accepted, and you will be allowed to leave this world and enter a new. Enter a world of Survival and PvP. Join a town and nation, and fight the rest of the nations to become the most powerful. Or rank up, and build your own empire to conquer all others.

Minegaiden boasts 70+ of bukkit's best plugins! From Essentials to Towny, Factions, skyblock, and mmSupernaturals, there's more than enough fun to go around. Pair that with Multiverse, and we're able to give you multiple arenas such as MobArena and Paintball, as well as a skyblock world and a creative world! All of which you can play in simultaneously!

On our server, everybody starts out as a Nomad. You spawn in our Pville/Chaos world- a small world where you must survive and show your worth. You may also choose to do skyblock instead of, or in conjunction with our Pville/Chaos map. Start a faction or join a faction because, trust us, it's going to be an experience filled in PvP and terror. After you've been playing on Minegaiden for a bit, you may apply to become a citizen on our forums. Citizenship grants you access to our citizen world where we have Towny, and several other plugins. It's the heart of Minegaiden, and it always has been. As a citizen, you are also granted access to our creative world to use at your leisure. Click on the "CITIZENSHIP" header to be taken to the citizenship application.

Survival: the main aspect of Minegaiden. We take pride in our aggressive Survival/PvP server. There's no pay-to-play, and no OP donation perks or ranks. While there are a few donation ranks, they are by no means game-changing. Also, there are no free items, no teleportation, or anything of that nature. We're what might be called a "true" Survival Server. We do have money and an economy to aid in trades, as well as factions installed. For citizens, we have Towny as well. It's a difficult ride, and not everybody can handle it.

In addition to the main aspect of Survival, we have a few additional features. We have Skyblock, offered to all players. Information can be found at our Pville Spawn regarding Skyblock. Arenas, currently MobArena and a Paintball Arena, are also offered to all players. We also have a Creative world for our Citizens and above in rank to play on. There is a market where you may lease a stall and sell items, or where you may go to purchase items. We also have mmSupernaturals, which allows people to be anything from Human, to a Vampire, Werewolf, Ghoul, etc. to spice things up. We also have a dungeon world where you can go fight mobs through a large, tangled set of dungeons and tunnels- that is, if you can find the entrance to the dungeon world.

I've been a member of the Minegaiden community for 2 years now, and this is by far the best community out there.

  • MarissaKaye

Well I have been here for quite a bit of time and I have really enjoyed this server. The community gets a lot of say in how the the server is ran and acts pretty mature as well.

  • devious_wizard21

This is by far one of the best severs there is, a great community, plenty to do around the server, mini games, and of course you'll make many friends along your adventure around MineGaiden!

I've visited other servers before and I can say that this one is the most interesting. Its run very well has a lot to do and your bound to make more then a few friends. #MuffinsForLife

I've been a member of this community for quite a while and it's been a PvP-heavy, mature and fantastic ride! Come enjoy the PvP, destruction and fantastic plugins with us!


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