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Are you looking for a Voltz server and didn't find a good one until now? then why don't you join our server! we can offer you a most times lag free gameplay and a nice staff team! the only things that we don't allow you are the following:

for the moment:

  • dupe bug items (energy cubes etc.)

for ever:

  • redmatter bombs (if you have the stuff to make one, ask BlackJack55 to launch them for you. he will remove the black holes after 10 minutes.)

services we offer you:

  • uranium and uranium rods: Trade with staff.
    1 uranium=200mg antimatter
    uranium rod=10 diamonds

  • obsidian tools and amour: Trade with staff
    24 ingots of refined obsidian=full obsidian amour
    7 ingots of obsidian=1 obsidian paxel

  • voting rewards:
    different, for now 10 leather

  • premium status: donate monthly 50 european cent to get a save chunk in another world (where you can store your stuff), colours in chat, 4 more homes and keeping XP-levels on death aswell as getting uranium etc. more information at our spawn!

  • the community decides:
    for basic things (not staff recruitment etc.) you can always let us know your opinion and we will try to respect it.

In the future the dupe bugs will be fixed and we allow you to use the items then.

your Bedrockmining-Voltzserver team

BlackJack55 and blubbyminer

Running mods:
Voltz-Modpack Rec. Build without Assembly line

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