This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Underground Network Voltz 2.0.4


Welcome to our Underground Network Voltz server we've just came out of beta with a great built spawn,shops,rules, and way more we have player shops and nearly no lag. Our staff is professional and respects you the player. Come log on for a great Voltz experience!

Current Voting Rewards:

  • 1500 in game cash
  • 3 Heat Generators
  • 1 Metallurgic Infuser
  • 15 Diamonds
  • 5 Obsidian Ingots
  • 1 Energized Smelter
  • 1 God Apple
  • 16 Steak
  • 16 Universal Cable

Banned Items:

  • Lux Capacitor: Spawn Grief
  • Torch Placer: Spawn Grief
  • Plasma Cannon: Spawn Grief
  • Redmatter: Causes Lag
  • LiquiCrafter: Crafts Banned Items
  • Tracker: Overpowered
  • Robit: Duplication
  • Active Camo: Overpowered
  • Force Manipulator: Causes Lag
  • Item Router: Duplication
  • Defuser: Duplication
  • Obsidian TNT: Duplication and Lag
  • Contagious Bombs: Spawn Grief
  • Matter Cannon: Spawn Grief

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