This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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A server that wants to expand to make this a FUN L


This is a server based on a FUN LAND idea run around and mine. Get paid for killing mobs,voting and you can even set bounties on people and get the rewards for killing them. This is a new idea for a server, A new server that needs help with making it bigger, Join donate and get Staff and other prizes.

We run our server with older player staff so they are mature and will not troll people that are starting of. If our staff trolls let CaliMatt951 and GamerPup22 Know and that player will not only be demoted to normal member if they still give you grief for telling on them then they will be banned. WE DO NOT ALLOW our staff to use their powers to torture the players they are here to help them.
This is a dictator server where the members give the staff ideas and the power that they have. With no member no staff.

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