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-NO lagg (really 0!)
-30 player slots (no white-list or acount system)
-PvP/free for all
-online 24/7 and hosted by nitrous networks:
-every 24 hours server restart for optimalisation (when this happens the
server saysw: "server closed" just reconnect and it's fine)
-there is no cheating or power abuse on this server
(crew is specificly selected)
-version 1.0.5

-no griefing (in this server stealing falls under griefing)
-only fire missles at unpopulated places and only
at people when war between you and him had been declared
and 30 seconds before firing the shooter must type in coordinates
and tell what missle he's going to fire.

  • no racism or name calling or overuse of cursing
    -asking to be OP will result in an bann
    -you must speak english in the public that
    when these rules are not obeyed a punishment will be declaired (
    like kick or temperary ban)

this server costs money and I'm paying it out of my own pocket so donations
are very welcome! contact me at: and start
the subject with: SERVER - DONATION, and I will guide you through the proces
or press the paypal button at the bottom
(donators will be rewarded in game)

-when you have a problem in game just ask me or a moderator
and you'll be helped out.
-if there is no one online to help take a screenshot or record so we
can see what happend and go from theire.
(for griefing of vulgarie and stuff like that)
-when theire are other problems contact through the forum or sent me
an email at: and start the subject with: SERVER - PROBLEM

updates about the server will be given through game or the forum.

-atention!! new email!

things happening now:
-paypal donate button is on its way (paypal acc:
-(forge) essentials will be installed so we will have factions, commands like
/home and all the good stuff.

requests to community:
-if anyone want's to make website for this server, feel free to!
-if plugins are availble for voltz TELL ME!!


-when you log off leave the most vailuble items in your inv so they can't get stolen
-don't make a base near the spawn (everyone can spawn there)
-don't ask to become a mod or admin (first reqiuerment)

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