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This server is just starting off. The server will be on everyday 24/7. This server is a friendly place to build an have fun, there is PvP, there will be stores, ranks, starter kits, good technical support for new players, an more to come. So please come and enjoy this soon to be awesome minecraft server. I also need some good builders!


1- No Listing Other Servers/IP's
2- Respect The Staff
3- Be Nice To Players
4- Watch You Mouth
5- Don't Spawn Kill
6- No Racism
7- Don't Spam Chat
8- No Hacking or Xray
9- Please Don't Ask For OP, Ranks, or Items

Failure To Comply = Instant Ban.

Now I know you all hate being told what you can't do on a server so here's the fun part.

What's Allowed

PvP-[Yes] or No
raiding-[Yes] or No
Griefing-Yes or [No] ( a Rule goes along with this, if you grief you cant mess and go crazy with the world, we like to keep it looking nice, [side note- if you want your stuff protected from griefers you have to pay 5 diamonds for a 10 by 20 spot]
Factions-Yes or [No] (not yet)
In-Game Scamming-[Yes] or No

Lastly TnT/Explosions- i have disabled explosions in the Main-World, so please don't ever bother making anything that can explode.


Additional Notes
This server has been re-set, and has a brand new IP-address, so please bare with me if you run into any bugs! Other then that, Have An Amazing Time!

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