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Voltz Bloodlust! Version 3.1.2


as of today I am opening a brand new voltz 3.1.2 server!
To those who don't know how to select voltz 3.1.2 just open up your launcher
Select modpack options
Latest version
Then bam your done then let it install.

I have a lovely idea for this server.
I want there to be large scale wars nuclear threats actual governments etc I want this server to have so much potential
Even I will be playing fully legit!
P.s I'm not one of those owners who goes like IF YOU GRIEF ME YOUR BANNED
If you grief me I don't care it's factions and voltz :D

I have also been thinking of ways to make this experience possible. That's why I will be using factions but instead of standard factions I will have special ranks and rules in place such as you have to choose between government systems such as Democracy- Voting for a leader and laws etc Oligarchy- Ruled by one strong man Monarchy- Ruled by the royal family.

Necessitys: Well I haven't mentioned that all players get ranks based on there ranks in factions The possible ones are King, Queen, President, Emperor, Citizen, General, and Nobilty. To be apart of one of these ranks your faction must have at least 4 players. The second thing that you need is atleast one capitol. Thats all.

Before I forget the ip will be
Of course this is still in the process of being installed having plugins added etc. So by tomorrow it will be fully complete but today It just won't have plugins .-.

Diplomatic acts: To become allies don't just do /f ally invite them over! Bases should be well known through out allies. Acts of War: Each faction may have there own rules as long as they don't interfere with the server rules. If you fail to follow these rules in their faction they may declare war. Also to make things more fun :) All players get a +50 extra power. So make huge civilizations feel free to even make a bloody country! Oh yeah may I mention since there is minechem Coughs Chemical warfare.

Ask any questions you want Make them related -.-

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