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Welcome, Hi i am Kieran Owner of the BasicBuildCraft server. My main goal is to provide a fantastic server with a friendly community where people can build, play and survive just as the game of minecraft intended, and i am very dedicated to that i have put countless hours into making this server so that the players are insured a fun friendly time on the server. We are mainly a survival/pvp server with multiple plugins to make your stay as fun and friendly as possible. We have been running for just under 1 month Now and are very proud of what we have accomplished as a community, so i would love it if you were to join us.

BasicBuildCommunity is composed of some of the friendliest and kind heart players i have met, when you join for the first time you are ensured a warm greeting and helping hand to get started, and every time you join from that moment you know that the players who helped you start will be there to say Hello again and again. We at BasicBuildCraft as a community are outstanding we range from over 7 different countries from 3 continents.

With over 15 plugins you are sure to never be bored with your stay, with plugins like McMMO, Auctons, HJP and many many more your are sure to find something to do whether it be ranking up your mcmmo stats or selling items to make a profit at the local shops, I believe that the server is only successful when your happy and with plugins such as the above i am sure you will enjoy your stay.

With over 10 Ranks achievable by players you will never be short of a goal. I think that with a common goal player's interact much better as they are all willing to help toward gaining the next rank, not only do ranks make you stand out from the common group they entitle you to much more commands and respect from all players, there are also ranks for donation's these ranks are often most praised by players as they not only help the server keep running but they also open a whole new world of opportunities in the field of trust, respect and commands.

In order to stay open and provide our service we need to attract new players as much as possible how ever it is hard to do as just a single person. So in order to help our server we offer run voteifier to reward players for votes. For every one vote the server receives you will in turn receive $2000 IN-GAME and with the potential of voting on 7 different site you can earn up to $14000 IN-GAME per day, you also get awesome items and level to enchant with, one other way to help is to just leave a friendly comment about the server on each of the 7 sites as little as that sounds it is a big help to the server.

For more info about our server and service's please visit our website, and for all who are interested this is where you go to vote and donate.
Additional Notes
A very nice server with great staff, lots of fun!.

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