This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Oblivion Voltz || PVP/Raid/Grief

Laser Drills

Oblivion Voltz

After long weeks of dedicated hard work we have created a server that is great for everybody! With almost every bug fixed to give you a better experience. We have also gone out of our way to ensure the server will stay at 20.0 TPS 24/7.


Great Uptime
NO Banned Items
Moon Enabled
Space Stations Enabled
Bugs Patched
No Lag
Stable Economy


Intel Xeon CPU
1 GBPS Connection
Solid State Drives

Vote rewards:

$750 Cash
5 Diamonds
4 Uranium Ore
16 Steel
16 Bronze
16 TNT
1 Strange Matter
1 125mg Antimatter
5 Credit Points

Join today and this will be the last Voltz server you will ever play on!

This server is the only multiplayer Minecraft server I play as I muchly enjoy old modded Minecraft. Every one of the staff are very kind and helpful. and the server is quite fun to play. The only down side is the lack of players, but that cant really be helped that much. I gib 8/10
Posted 13th Jan 2021
I made this account just to post this review and 110% the best server i have ever played on. Made tons and tons of memories on here and racked up many many hours. I love this server and everybody on it. Great staff, great owner, even better memories made. Hopefully I'll have time to get on one of these days...
Posted 4th Nov 2020
Has been and still is the best Voltz server. Staff are always willing to help and sort things out if your lost or need help. Players are awesome and made some new friends while playing, A lot of these reviews are from either people preying on their downfall or kids who got raided and demand refunds.
Posted 18th Sep 2020
"No Refunds" I lost everything from an event that was out of my control and the staff did nothing except tell me no refunds. This server is filled with staff that will not help you in this case. All the way from 2016 they still do not have a system in place where people who are effected by this rare event can have some safety. Just because its rare doesnt mean it doesnt/wont happen. I hope that this review is taken VERY seriously and hopefully will instill change very soon as they need it to stay prominent. APOC is better.
Posted 18th Sep 2020
The server has been great fun for the years that ive played it, and im happy that ive been accepted into the staff team. really recommend it to anyone starting voltz aswell, great community.
Posted 13th Sep 2020
This is literally the best server I've ever played and the manager is AMAZING!
Posted 11th Jan 2020
This server is terrible, I highly suggest you join a different one. This server before was at it prime now its dead. Their second server is even worse they bring no people at all. Owner is jerk and staffs are rude I really suggest you choose a new server over this one. The server doesn't care about voltz and they didn't even bother to change the layout of there new server 1.7.10 stay far away from this server! Voltz is coming back and you should leave this server behind! #STAYWOKE I know so much secrets that I'm not going to expose them. just saying and all the other reviews are fake its easy to make reviews. Just so you know I am really I quit the server my IG is Mac not saying the whole thing so he cant figure me out have fun!
Posted 6th Apr 2019
Staff don't even do their job, they're just sit on their ass and whine half the time. They also punish too harshly or not enough for stupid reasons. For example, I called someone an "ignorant homo sapien" (homo sapien is the scientific name for humans) and I got muted for 3 days because some idiot staff member wasn't properly educated on our species.
Posted 6th Apr 2019
We always ask to expand the map and they never do. Mod are the worst
Posted 28th Mar 2019
Amazing server played on it for years the activity has gone down but the amazing people who have played on it still haven't left.
Posted 8th Feb 2019
Honestly this is one of the best and most stable voltz communities out there. Friendly and helpful staff that will hop on your problem with a moments notice. I really enjoy the fact nearly nothing is banned. They took their time with this server and it shows.
Posted 5th Feb 2019
Fantastic way to start your experience on voltz modpack staff very nice always down to help at anytime of day. Players also very friendly nice to play with.
Posted 2nd Feb 2019
All my player data just got deleted. wtf??!?!!
Posted 1st Feb 2019
123titanic banned me for being a "nigg*r"
Posted 31st Jan 2019
Should be called oblivious as the staff are absolute useless tools, players are just not nice and the whole community is just bad other servers are widely recommend another server. Disgraceful should be closed down.
Posted 31st Jan 2019
I was being harassed by other players and got raided by a helper
Posted 31st Jan 2019
Worst server ever. Staff are obnoxious, it crashes constantly and is laggy as hell
Posted 31st Jan 2019
mental server insane godlike
if you join this server I swear on my momma you will get women
Posted 31st Jan 2019
Great Server! No banned items. Staff know what they are doing and are nice to deal with. Player base is great.
Posted 30th Jan 2019
I started to play on this server a couple months ago, and the overall respect and gratitude that has been shown to me by the staff and the player base really concludes that this server is the best of its kind.
Posted 24th Jan 2019
I've sunk countless hours to this and it is by far the best Voltz server out there and it has the community to back it up!
Posted 20th Jan 2019
Ever since I've joined this server, the community have been nothing but supportive, and the staff have been nothing but nice and helpful with all my problems. This server might have been the best one for my return to Voltz, as it has no banned items and is absolutely fantastic for just building as much as you can!
Posted 19th Dec 2018
I really enjoy playing on this server, the overall atmosphere from the player and staff bring the entire gaming experience become real. With new updates and new events regularly, there is always something to do on the server. As well as that, the entire community is extremely friendly and approachable, with players in the same situation as everyone, so no-one feels alone. I have already made so many friends and met so many different people, and enjoy to meet many more :)
Posted 8th Dec 2018
I have been a member on this server for a few years now, it has seen many changes for the good since its creation. The server has a very welcoming environment but still feels like war takes place here. This server is a great server to spend a lot of time on because it's not going down, with the support of its constant dedicated player's the server continues to thrive.
Posted 14th Nov 2018
I have been playing this server for a little less than a year now, (11 days total played), and over all I have had an amazing time on it. I love the community and how friendly everyone is, the server its self is very well laid out with people in it that will go out of their way to help you and make sure that you get the help you need.
There is always staff online and when ever you need any help, they will gladly help you.
Amazing server, staff and Mod pack.
Posted 29th Oct 2018