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Five reasons to join VoltzHaven

Amazing Staff# The one thing most important to me is extremely high standards for staff. I have known the only other staff member besides myself for almost a year, and he has owner his own servers which were successful.

Maximum uptime# We go to great pains to make sure you can always keep playing. We have auto-restarts via rtoolkit, which also enables us to check on or fix the server using a smart phone.

Minimal map resets# As a player, I am annoyed when the map is completely destroyed and my hours of work are lost. This problem is even worse in Voltz, as it can take hours before you get started. We have many measures in place to prevent such a situation from happening. Backups are made two-three times a day. Once a day, the backups are uploaded onto google drive, and my personal computer. We will do everything in our power to ensure you keep your hard-earned items.

No pay-to-win# This server is not run for profit. While we do need donations, and we do offer rewards to encourage people to donate, we aren't in this for the money. All money that we receive goes to the cost of the server, or for other server-related costs.

We won't get in your way The basic principle of the server. Voltz is an amazing game, our goal is to let you play it unhindered.

Donation Rewards:

In the intrest of full disclosure, we put a list of all donation rewards here. All prices are per month. However, if you don't want to be locked into a monthly payment, you can pay twice and get lifetime rewards:


2000 coins/day
Can set three homes
/tpa command


10000 coins/day
Can set fifteen homes
/tpahere command


25000 coins/day
Can set unlimited homes
/tppos command

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