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Miner Apocalypse: Prelude to the End


So, you're looking for a Voltz server, eh? Well if you're looking for some big fancy post with lots of pictures, coding, and all that other stuff then you've come to the wrong place. However, if you're looking for a server that doesn't have any admin abuse, lag, and is as advertised then you have come to the right place.

About the server: Miner Apocalypse: Prelude to the End is a brand new server that is only here thanks to our sister server Miner Apocalypse. Miner Apocalypse is a nearly-vanilla survival server with light RP themes which have the world set post-apocalypse. Now, with Prelude to the End, this Voltz server is set in the same "universe" but hundreds of years before the apocalypse. Live in the final days leading up to the apocalypse. Will you be the one to set in motion the apocalypse, or will you try your best to help prevent it? We all know that it's coming, but we don't know how or when. Welcome, to Prelude to the End.

Features that should make you want to join:

This should never have to be stated for any server, but unfortunately we must. Our server has no staff abuse. THe owners, admins, and mods, none of them abuse their power. If you want to say that all the other "popular" servers right now don't have admin abuse, go ahead and become best friends with the staff. I guarentee you that you'll get all sorts of special treatment afterwards. Our moderators have no ability to teleport around or being invisible. They also can't spawn in items.

We have custom recipes. You know that nuclear boiler you need for nukes which all the other servers are saying "Too bad, no recipe, no can has."? Well guess what? You can craft that here because it ain't that hard to make custom recipes.
Nuclear Explosive:

No global chat; all chat is local only (100 block range) . Now you don't have to worry about all those annoying spammy chats or messages every 5 seconds trying to get you to donate.

Random spawns. There is no main spawn on our server. The map is 20kx20k and you can spawn ANYWHERE on it. Nothing is protected unless a faction has it claimed. (Unlike most servers with shops / huge spawn building)

An amazing community. Our community that is already established is mature, friendly, and very welcoming.

Staff that actually cares and treats everybody equally. You have a question? Just /helpop and if a staffmember is online he'll help you out!

This server isn't pay-to-win. Sure, the rules here say no pay-to-play servers, but if you try them out a good amount - especially the large ones - are pay-to-win. We will soon have donator ranks and some donator perks, but we promise you, we will NEVER be pay-to-win. The perks will be mostly cosmetic only such as a name change, special title, chat color, etc. Maybe some resources since we haven't decided yet, but you'll never have an advantage over other players just because you paid some money.

We are not just a "Raiding/griefing/pvp" server. If you want purely that then you've come to the wrong place. Again. Yes, all of that IS allowed, however, survival, RP, and building are all encouraged more than mindlessly blowing everybody up. Be mature, have a reason before blowing somebody up. And a good reason, not just because they looked at you funny.

We also have the factions plugin so you can claim and protect your land. Not only that, but we have buffed forcefields so they're not complete crap. (buffed Forcicium (you have the double amount of workcycles and it brings about 3.5x more FE per Workcycle))

Banned items: All the items that are banned either cause server lag, or bugged, or over-powered.

Red matter bombs
Rejuvination bombs
Ender bombs
Advanced solar panels
Active camo
Transparent armor
MFFS camo

Server rules:
No hacking, cheating, or exploiting glitches(Whether they're vanilla or Voltz glitches). - ban
No racism, sexism, homophobia, just no kind of discrimination at all. - ban
No trying to take advantage of the staff. - kick, then ban
No lava, water, or entity griefing. - kick, then ban
Respect the staff and players. - kick, then ban
No having a banned alternative account. - ban
If you have a redstone clock, turn it off when you're offline. - kick, then ban
No spamming or harassing other players. - kick, then ban
Mature conversations ARE allowed, but if somebody asks you to stop or to tone it down then do so.
These rules are subject to change at any time. If and when these rules are modified a server announcement will be made. Failure to follow any of these rules will result in being banned.

Server specs:
16gb ram
Intel® Core™ i7-3930K Hexa-Core root server

Miner Apocalypse: Prelude to the End (VoltZ) -

Miner Apocalypse (Vanilla) -

Both of our servers(which by the way, are hosted on separate machines unlike some other servers here) are on Reddit!

Miner Apocalypse: Prelude to the End -

Miner Apocalyps -

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