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We are a 1 year old mc pvp community that has just opened up its first Voltz server! We are always growing and always improving! We encourage a fair and competitive atmosphere free of hackers and unfair treatment. With dedicated, experienced, and knowledgeable staff. Where the focus is primarily on PvP, Raiding and GRIEFING!!!

So come test your luck with vicious pvpers and experienced raiders. Do not expect to be trusted when you join. You need to get to know the players and work your way into a good team or start your own. Good luck and have fun!

We issue very few rules as we are not a babysitter server and do not wish to dictate your game play, only make it comfortable for all to play. They are as follows:

No Hacking/Glitching/X-ray/Exploits

No chat spam

Do not be toxic to the community

No advertising

No hate speech

Intel Core E5-1660v2 Processor
Intel Enterprise SSD drives with 1Gbit Ports

The following ranks are available:Each rank up inherits the bonus' of the previous ranks.

Priority Access
Gold Name Plate
Type in gold on server chat
Add 1 random MotD
Ability to request a /setjoin and /setquit
Priority Access
Purple Name Plate
Ability to write in server chat using both gold and purple
Ability to add color to /setjoin and /setquit
Add 2 random MotD by request
Private Team Speak Channel with moderation abilities.

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