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Well Were a Small Minecraft Towny server and our goal is to be the best/Simplest Minecraft Towny server out there. We try to make your experience as fun as possible on our small minecraft towny server

What do we do with Donations?

We never spend it on ourselves. I know a lot of servers that do this but we don't. We keep the money for our server but your probably wondering what we do with the spare money we get. The spare money just piles up on our paypal just incase we ever need it for Custom Plugins or them bad situations that can happen. We will try to stay open as long as we can!

Let's Talk About the Server

The Server is based around the plugin called towny. The Server is in survival mode so if you don't like playing survival this is not the place for you. We try to add as many cool plugins as we can to the server. Most of our fun plugins are for donators. We also have a support system in game, so if you don't know how to play towny you can make a ticket and one of our staff can help you! Just Do /ds create [msg]. and a mod will get to you as soon as possible!

We hope you enjoy your stay at DifferentCraft!

Does not Run Voltz 1.5.2 or minecraft 1.6.2
Posted 11th Oct 2016